VoIP Solutions

Expand communication capabilities and increase operational flexibility with cutting-edge telephony

Acumen Technology’s Communications Solutions (VoIP) offer your organization the latest voice, video, and data technologies that are flexible, mobile, and seamless. They allow your business to extend beyond the dial tone to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and functionality when it comes to collaboration and engagement.

Whether it’s at the office or on the go, and from whatever device you choose, our VoIP Solutions provide enterprise-style features such as video conferencing, unified messaging, and internet faxing, which traditional telephone services don’t offer. Moreover, having an IP-based telecommunications platform serves as a more powerful and cost-effective solution to better serve your clients with faster response times and smoother workflows.

The advantages of Acumen Technology’s VoIP Solutions are numerous, such as:

Easy to install and manage

Allows you to work from anywhere with feature-rich apps

Lowers your equipment and maintenance costs

Lets you save on long-distance calls and international rates

Improves management efficiencies

Enables you to keep pace with the demands of a mobile workforce