Vendor Management

Identifying opportunities to reduce costs and improve supplier performance

Do you spend too much time tracking technology vendors or is it challenging to get to the right person with your key vendors? If so, let Acumen Technology cut through the noise and be your one point of contact to work with your vendors. We speak their language and can navigate any issue with them.

Our solutions experts are adept at managing client technology vendors such as third-party software applications, internet service providers, telephony vendors, and direct hardware purchasing. We will act as your representatives and translate the “geek speak” used by IT vendors.

Acumen Technology’s Vendor Management solutions give you the ability to:

Build strong supplier relationships

Work with only the top vendors and demand higher standards

Eliminate unnecessary performance problems with inferior suppliers

Save time and money as you get work done faster

Focus your resources on more important work aspects

Be confident that you're getting the best products and services at competitive rates