Safeguard your networks and ensure regulatory compliance with robust cybersecurity capabilities

Technology is advancing in many ways, but so are new forms of online threats that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Cybersecurity and proper Backups are of the utmost importance to prevent Cryptolocking and data breaches that result in great financial losses and a damaged reputation.

With Acumen Technology’s services, we’ll ease the worry about intrusions, online scams, or electronic theft. Antivirus protection, web filtering, and firewalls are not enough. We will help keep you secure by using application whitelisting, EDR, and XDR services. We will also constantly monitor and protect your entire network. We mitigate risks before they breach your network so you can get the peace of mind to move your business forward.

We address your cybersecurity and compliance challenges

Compliance standards are very complex and require strict coordination within the entire organization. Aside from canceled partnerships and a ruined reputation, compliance infractions can also come with hefty fines from the government.

Engaging with an industry specific MSP like Acumen is critical to ensure compliance. Our specialists can help you not only with your cybersecurity concerns, but also assist in filling any gaps in compliance. From setting up workflows to continuous monitoring, we can do what is needed to help your business stay on top of HIPAA, FFIEC, FDIC, and other government regulations.
Partner with Acumen, and we’ll fortify your cybersecurity compliance capabilities by providing improved data protection, faster breach detection, and immediate incident response.

Acumen Technology’s Cybersecurity services include:

Vulnerability Management and Remediation

Proactively identify and remediate network vulnerabilities to prevent exploits

Antivirus Software

Our cybersecurity consultants will deter online threats like viruses, worms, ransomware, and Trojans

Usage Approval

Our cybersecurity consultants will specify to your employees what types of network activities are allowed and which are prohibited

Email Protection

Minimize problems from emails and attachments

Identity Recognition

Safeguard your network from unauthorized users

Password Guidance

Help your employees select stronger passwords

Encryption Technology

Implement multilayered data protection